In the basic depth of 75 mm, the Schueco Window AWS modular system offers SI designs (Super Insulation) which combine maximum thermal insulation with impressive properties in terms of function, design and fabrication. The standard series – Schueco Window AWS 75.SI+ – features outstanding thermal insulation with a face width of 117 mm. With a continuous centre gasket and new glazing rebate insulation, the Schueco SimplySmart technology ensures more efficient fabrication. In combination with the new Schueco AvanTec SimplySmart mechanical generation of fittings, installation can be completed considerably more quickly.

As a block window with a concealed vent frame, Schueco Window AWS 75 BS.SI+ fulfils the highest requirements in terms of architecture thanks to its slim design and maximum transparency.

Schueco AWS 75 WF.SI+ is based on the Schueco block window and is designed specifically for the economical construction of ribbon windows with storey-height glazing with a homogeneous mullion/transom appearance.


Uf values from 0.92 W/(m²K) for aluminium windows with maximum thermal insulation
Uf value = 1.2 W/(m²K) with 117 mm face width, Uw value = 0.75 W/(m²K) and Ug value = 0.6 W/(m²K)
Centre gasket with fin in microcellular rubber design
Block window system variant with outstanding thermal insulation

Attractive design options:
Schueco AWS 75 BS.SI+ with concealed vent as block window and Schueco AWS 75 WF.SI+ with mullion/transom appearance
Optional vent in standard and RL (Residential Line) style

Motorised fittings solutions possible with Schueco TipTronic
Burglar resistance to RC 3
Enhanced function
Outward-opening also available as an option

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