uPVC exterior doors

Exterior doors play a few key roles. Basically, they shelter the house entrance, guaranteeing a high level of security to its occupants. Their aim is to create a barrier against heat loss and to give a protection against exterior noise.
Doors add value to your house, so they should be in-keeping with the building.
Okno-Pol meets all these requirements. Even the basic version offers a good anti-burglary protection and its level can be increased, if necessary. Multi-chamber profiles and decorative panels filled with PU foam provide an effective thermal and acoustic insulation.
Materials used in the production process of our doors allow to create a product which match every building or eleva-tion style perfectly. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied by a wide variety of RAL colours, veneers, glazing types, decorative elements and door pull handles available.
Top quality uPVC profiles guarantee that your door will be durable and resistant to weather conditions. Our doors require no troublesome and time-consuming maintenance and are characterised by a long lifespan with no loss of their attributes and decorative values.

Aluminium External Doors

The Schüco AD UP (Aluminium Door Universal Platform) door system combines functional reliability with modern, high-quality design. Whether it’s a stylish front door or a frequently used commercial door, the special construction principle using a 5-chamber profile composition provides both stability and all the technical prerequisites for an intelligent door system. The two core basic depths of 75 and 90 mm allow the system platform to be tailored to individual requirements for energy efficiency and weathertightness. The construction principle, which is the same across all basic depths, and the symmetrical profile composition make for simple fabrication and installation.