April 21, 2019

uPVC Lift & Slide Patio Door

German Engineering Lift and Slide Patio Doors   HARMONY OF SPACE Large sliding door allow you to eliminate all restrictions, save space and freely shape the space in your home. Rooms full of light, closeness of nature, lack of barriers and optimal use of living space are new perspectives in interior design. Lift and Slide SLIDING DOORS - FUNCTIONALITY AND EASE OF USE An ideal solution for those who want a comfortable combination of the interior and patio terrace and the panoramic view achieved thanks to a large glazed area is the use of the lift and slide doors. Special fittings mechanisms allow you to move huge wings using minimum force. Turning the big handle down, from the closed position, raises the wing by a few millimeters, releasing the pressure of the gaskets and the enabling you to move the wings freely. What dimensions can the sliding patio doors have? An unquestionable advantage of this type of patio doors are the possible dimensions of its construction. The width of the wing can be from 1,250 mm to 3,000 mm wide and up to 2,700 mm high in white colour, which allows you to create even a more than six-meter glazing. What are the schema for opening the sliding door? Lift and slide doors, can be found in at least several different versions and arrangements of the wings and non-opening parts. The variety of constructions is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution. The most popular sliding door diagrams are 2-sectioned variants - with one or both movable wings - or 4-sectioned - with the two middle or all moving wings.     Are the lift and slide doors thermally efficient ? In this solution the fitting is realized by means of integrated gaskets, which guarantees high tightness. Appropriate tightness of the space between the moving wings of the sliding door when they remain in the closed position is ensured by a special arrangement of overlapping taps equipped with a clinging gasket system. The Lift and Slide door uses specialised window fittings, which guarantee that the wings move freely and without any resistance against the non-moving [...]Read more
April 21, 2019

Aluminium Lift & Slide Patio Door

ALUPROF MB-77 HS PROFILE durable and slender profiles enable screens of a low-threshold door of the weight of the leaf of up to 400 kg, height – up to 3.2 m and width - up to 3.3 m. a wide range of glazing options, allowing application of double or triple glazed units combined with thermal breaks as well as additional inserts, enable achieving high thermal and acoustic insulation of the door. for aesthetic values glazing beads come in three options: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped) FITTINGS Siegenia AUBI hardware: 2-point lock, handle, flush pull handle (RAL) Siegenia HS300 handle, flush pull handle. GLAZING Triple Glazed unit 44 mm, 4/16/4/16/4 (standard) Ug = 0,6 W/m2K DRAWINGS   MB-77HS LIFT AND SLIDE BALCONY DOOR class 4PN-EN 12207 Air tightness class 9AEN 12208 Watertightness > 0,84W/(m2K) Thermal insulation UW class C4EN 12210 Wind tightness The MB-77HS "Lift & Slide" door product is an ideal solution for connecting interior space rooms or conservatories with the outside balcony, terrace or garden area. Providing both a smooth & silent slide action operation, it can bring the benefits of a beautiful day outside, into the living space. In addition, & by way of its design & operation, the MB-77HS is a great space saving opening & does not encroach the free space beyond the internal or external confines of the frame, without any compromise. Providing excellent weather tightness together with enhanced thermal performance, the MB-77HS complies with all of the requirements associated with this product type. Available in two different options, with regard to the level of thermal performance, the MB-77HS is further categorised as "ST" and "HI", standard or highly insulated. The design & arrangement of the system profiles enable luxurious openings of large dimensions, accommodating double & even triple glass unit compositions, which in conjunction with the constituent parts & innovative technical solutions, help achieve a high level of thermal & acoustic performance. Due to the system properties, & rigorous performance proven through a stringent testing regime, the MB-77HS is ideally suited to many domestic & retail applications, providing a comfortable, safe working, [...]Read more
February 28, 2019

Alluminium Bifolding Patio Door

Bifolding system MB-59S, MB-60, MB-70 PROFILE Folding doors are not only an ideal way to link the interior with a terrace, a loggia, a swimming pool, but also a convenient solution within the conservatory and many other places inside the building. This system is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. FITTINGS Aliplast SOBINCO MULTI-POINT locking system GLAZING Triple glazed unt 48 mm, 4/18/4/18/4/(standard) Ug = 0,5 W/m2K The folding door system with a thermal break presented here is a new product of Aluprof system available now , designed to meet requests and requirements of our customers, i.e. architects, investors and companies cooperating with us. The construction of folding door opening inward may be executed in MB-59S, MB-60 and MB-70 systems ( those offer a range of thremal and acoustic insulation ) . The MB-59S Casement system allows for execution of folding door opening outward. The constructional depth of profiles depends on the selected system and ranges from 50 mm (frame), 59 mm (leaf) in case of MB-59S and MB-59S Casement systems to 70 mm and 79 mm respectively in case of MB-70. The value of heat transfer coefficient and acoustic insulation performance depends on the applied type of aluminium system. Due to special construction of profiles and application of working templates, the folding door features a very simple and time-efficient prefabrication method. Frame and leaf profiles are equipped with moulded grooves of the dimensions suitable to accommodate multi-point security locking system and connecting members compliant with the EURO standard.Reliable Roto fittings are mounted in folding doors. The guide track of these fittings may be mounted either on the upper frame profile (top hung) or at the threshold (bottom Rail ). Particular systems come with different options of thresholds and solutions of their development. Profile connection requires minimum working due to the application of supplied aluminum connecting members and additional accessories. Corner joints of “L” type are executed by cutting off frame or leaf profile ends at 45 degree, which are crimped or pinned and then aluminium cleats inserted into the inner chambers of profiles are glued with two-component adhesive [...]Read more